Thursday, October 30, 2008

We're the Keenest...

My cousin, Teri, recently posted her photos from Yearbook Yourself, and I loved them. So, if you ever wondered what Jeff and I might have looked like in our past lives, here you go:


1960 (I actually look alot like my mom when she was in high school, but I never knew it)
1990, Yes, I could actually do this to my hair back in the day.
1988 - Actually Jeff's High School graduation year, and, lose the goatee and you have what he looked like. So funny. Sweet feathering.
1960 - He looks like a high school science teacher.
Man, we would have been good looking throughout all ages. As if there were any question...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Red Ribbon Week

This past week at Regan's school, and all over the rest of the country, was Red Ribbon Week. For those not "in the know", it is the kick-off the school's anti-drug campaign. Speaking of drugs, I must have been on some, since I agreed to co-chair the festivities... Last year I volunteered on this committee, and somehow that turned into one thing, which turned into another, which turned into the PTA president handing me a thick red binder, the phone number of another, probably equally confused PTA mom who was my co-chair, and wishing me good luck. Sigh...I really do have issues with saying "no", but that is for another blog entry, or more likely, therapy.
Anywho, the week has come to an end, and I think we did a pretty good job. The teachers, parents and kids all seemed to find the week fun and educational. I admit, that my co-chair and I focused on the fun, letting the school counselor and teachers lead the charge on the educational side. I love Regan's school, and so far, I love all the teachers she has had as well as any I've had the pleasure of dealing with through various committees and volunteering gigs, and they really did an awesome job this past week talking to the kids about making the smart decisions about drugs, etc. We had conversations with Regan and Hadyn here and there about good drugs and bad drugs and how good drugs can become bad drugs, and so on. I felt that for a first grader, she had a healthy dose of information for her teacher to build on.
So, Tuesday, as we were preparing for a postponed Family Home Evening, Regan announced that she wanted to teach a short lesson about drugs. Cool. It is always awesome when you realize that what you are trying to teach to your kids is actually sinking in, even a little. She had learned some from us and some from school, and she was ready to teach the rest of us. I love it.
She comes in with some throat spray and some of my prescribed cough medicine from last winter. She talks about how we shouldn't do things like sniff glue or paint or any medicine. Then she talks about prescriptions and how you should never share presicribed meds. I was beaming. She really got this whole anti-drug thing. Nice. I was just checking the "Have the Drug Talk with Daughter" item off my to do list when she says, "Using someone else's prescriptions is really bad. You might get the other person's germs and get sick."
Okay, so she doesn't have it completely figured out, but she still did awesome. Besides, who wants to get someone's germs that was needing cough medicine? Not me, and definately not Regan. Good girl Reg's. She drew us all a picture so we would have a visual reference of the forbidden drugs. I thought I'd share...

Friday, October 10, 2008

New Pictures of the Girls

We had a real photographer, Mandie Anderson, take Regan and Hadyn's pictures yesterday. I had seen some of her work and loved it so we asked her to set up a sitting for the girls down by the Boise River. That was just yesterday, and the pictures are already done. I don't have everything yet, but here are a few from the teaser she posted on her photography blog. You can check out more of them at

Isn't she a great photographer?! Don't the girls look amazing?!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

General Conference

We had a great day yesterday watching conference and just hanging out with each other. I generally really like the Saturday of General Conference. I, of course, love listening to the speakers, but I love that we spend the entire day with the family in a relaxing atmosphere. No meetings to run off to, no getting girls in and out of the bathtub, etc. Just a day to be together. I love it. The girls did great. They had an activity packet to keep them busy, so they felt more involved in the speakers. We had the added benefit of not having to argue with them to stay inside...

That blob at the end of the driveway? Yes, that's my newspaper. I'm sure when the paper lady (to clarify, she delivers the paper, she's not made of paper) tossed it out her window it was a lovely, if not dark, 5 am. However, by the time we taped this, during the morning conference session, it was not so lovely. Thanks Idaho Statesman!