Sunday, February 10, 2013

I Can't Wait Until I'm 8!

 Believe it or not, Hadyn has allowed herself to grow another year older this past week.  We'll post some more legit pics once we do the whole cake celebration next Sunday with the Luke Family.  However, her birthday was a huge success.  She refused to tell us what she wanted, saying, "I know you'll know what to get."  Wow.  Talk about pressure!  We apparently did a great job, since she loved the outfit from Regan, and the electric keyboard from her parents.  The biggest gift, however, was getting her ears pierced.  It's the big 8-year old right-of-passage in our home, and she has been soooo excited.  

Not a tear was shed, even after their trick of saying they would count to three and only counting to two before pulling the trigger.  She remembered the same trick from Regan's trip to get her ears pierced two and a half years ago.  Also, like Regan, we did both ears at the same time, which is good, since she may not have stuck around for the 2nd ear otherwise.  She was happy it was done, did not cry a tear, but did think it hurt worse than she expected it to.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Back on the Wagon

One of my New Year's resolutions (with much prodding from my family) is to actually post on this blog regularly.  Oh know, crazy.  I was once a faithful blogger.  Then, I got accepted into Boise State's nursing program (don't worry, I'm still and will always be a Vandal...Go Idaho!) and the blog world as I knew it came crashing down around me.  Well, with a semester left before I graduate as a full-fledged RN, I am determined to regain control of the blogging world, at least my tiny corner of it.  Over the next several weeks I plan to update on all the Luke family and what they've been doing since Regan's 9th birthday a year and a half ago...the last time I posted.  {Shamefully lowers eyes}.

In keeping with the New Year's theme.  I interviewed both of the girls as to how they see themselves at the beginning of a new year.

  See you in an update that will come in less than 18 months...I promise :).

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy, Happy Birthday Regan, Dear

My oldest is older (let's not even talk about what that makes me... 

Regan amazing us daily with her intelligence, wit, kindness, sensitivity, and, of course, her fashion sense.  She has really become my go-to girl with my busy school schedule.  There's not much she can't do.  She cooks, she cleans, she makes up games for her and her sister to play for hours...I aspire to be more like her.

Happy Birthday Regan.  You are loved more than we can ever explain.

Here is an interview I admit to totally, unashamedly ripping off the idea, wording and even design for, so thank you, Susie Leggett and Tristan!  Click (I hope) to make it big enough to read!

And, lastly, a few shots from the family birthday party on Sunday...

The cake she chose, which was actually a two-layer brownie completely covered in candy.

 The birthday girl blowing out the candles.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quick as Lightning

Jeff and I L-O-V-E lightning storms.  

When we first moved to Arizona we used to get amazing storms during the monsoon season and Jeff and I (no kids yet) would open the blinds and pull a couch up to our big picture window and sit all evening watching the lightning.  Tonight, after we had put the girls to bed we noticed some lightening starting over the Boise area.  The storm surrounded us in all directions, but we just had some (thankfully) cool breezes.  We got the girls out of bed, and spent an hour enjoying the light show in the backyard and teaching Regan and Hadyn how beautiful a storm can be.  It was spectacular!  Jeff got some amazing photos and a video I thought I'd post to make all you non-Idahoans a wee bit jealous...

The girls on the grass watching the sky. 

Now I think it is safe to say that 

The Luke Family L-O-V-E-S lightning storms!

Monday, June 20, 2011

We Love Daddy, Yesiree

Jeff,  Happy Father's Day to one of the best dad's I know.  
You are surrounded by girls and all that goes with that, 
and you are such a great sport.  
You work 24/7 to make our home nicer 
and our family more functional and happy.  
You never say no when the girls want you to ride bikes, play soccer, etc., 
even when I know the list of things you need to get done.  
Being married to you makes me want to be a better person and 
being a parent with you makes me want to be a better mom.  
Thank You.  You deserve more than one day a year of being celebrated.  
I love you!
Love, Maria

 Dear Dad, I love you so much.  Thanks for being the best dad ever.  Thank you for teaching me how to ski.  I like it when you let me go build with you on the swings and stuff.
From your daughter, Hadyn

 Yo, Daddy-o, thanks for being the best dad ever.  Thanks for teaching me how to build stuff.  I like that you taught me how to play checkers.  Thanks for doing all the stuff you do for our family.  Thank you for building all of the things that we use a lot, like the swing set.
Love, Regan