Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snowy Days, Crazy Weather, Air Hockey, and Random Catching Up

We have really been enjoying this winter. 

Here is Hadyn all geared up for fun after the first big storm and Regan with the first snowman of the year.  

The fog out here has been crazy, some real pea soup.  I don't know if Boise has been this fogged in this year or if it's just Middleton, but this is a pretty standard morning for us.  Normally you can see barns and cows out there...

I kept meaning to post this sign Hadyn made for me after I got admitted to BSU's nursing program.  She's such a cutie.  I probably should have corrected her that I am still two years away from being a nurse, but I really just smiled and enjoyed it. 

 Last week we made the trip into the big city of Boise because I (hold your applause) SCORED a full-size, fully operational air hockey table off of Freecycle!!!  Could that be any cooler?  We have spent many an evening and afternoon in the garage working on our skills, and as the girls say, learning our angles.  

Then, since we were already down there, we stopped by the Capitol building to see the tree and walk around.  I do not think there is a prettier state capitol building than ours.  I haven't been to the capitol since they finished renovating it.  It was awesome to see the old photos of all the past sessions of the Senate, here is the 33rd Session and my Great-Grandpa, H.T. Moss.  I know you're thinking, "what a looker", to which I must reply, "of course, where do you think I got my dashing looks from?"

Jeff checking out Boise from above.  This is just behind the senate chambers.

Hadyn striking a pose and looking very fashionable.  A future senator...

The Luke family in front of the Poinsettia tree in the basement level of the rotunda.

Looking up.  Isn't this gorgeous!?

  A close up of the tree...I spy with my little eye, something cute and red-headed!

And here we have Idaho
Winning her way to fame....

(for you poor, neglected friends out there from other states, that's from our state song...)