Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just a quick update...

Oh the irritation. Blogger won't let me move the pictures around...Anyone know why? You'll just get the photos as they fell I guess.
Things have busy around the Luke house. I am finishing up my Anatomy and Physiology class and have been studying so much! I have a final this week and am looking forward to the break. Jef has been snowboarding as much as he can, which is nice. I love that he has a hobby that he is good at and can get to whenever his work will allow. Regan and Hadyn are just loving life as usual. Regan is now on track break, and liking being able to sleep in, have more fun with Mom and Hadyn, and just rest.
Jeff recently had a big birthday, of which he is really having issues with, so I won't say which birthday. To celebrate, we met up with some friends in McCall to have a ski/snowboard/swim weekend. It was so much fun. Here is photographic proof that we had a vacation, and more importantly, that we have friends willing to hang out with us for an entire weekend!

Hadyn hitting the slopes at Brundage in McCall

Jeff, I guess paying homage to the gods of the mountain...it must have worked, he had a great, injury-free time.
Here are my silly girls with one of their new favorite games, bobbing for plastic toys... Whatever makes them happy and allows me to study, right? :)