Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our Annual Ornament Creation and Special Song by Hadyn

Merry Christmas to all of our friends. Our Christmas cards are still in progress, but they will get out. But, just in case they don't get out before it's too late to actually wish you a Merry Christmas, we thought we would do so now.Each year our family makes a new ornament for the tree. Tonight was the big night, and I am very happy with how well they turned out. We stole/borrowed the idea from here.

Here is Jeff hammering away at the washers for all of us. How nice of him to sacrifice his fingers for his family. That is true love!

Here is Regan with her finished ornament. So pretty...the ornament looks nice too...

Here is Hadyn's. I'd put a picture of her holding hers, but she was not feeling well tonight.

In fact, here is how she spent most of the evening... Lastly, here is a little something I found on the camera tonight when I downloaded pictures. She cracks me up. For the record, we are not going to the beach. I don't know where this song comes from, but it definately needed to be shared. My future pop star...she already sounds similar to Marah Carey... (be sure to pause the Christmas music at the top of the page first)