Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vote for President Regan!

Regan's very awesome 2nd grade teacher, Mr. Broyles, had the class write essays about what they would do if they were president. They did three seperate rough drafts, then chose their favorite to be hung in the classroom during the month in honor of Presidents' Day. Here is her final essay...

If I were president I would do many things.

First, I would build a chocolate hot tub on the rooftop of the White House. It would be blue and green. It would be made out of pure gold. Sometimes I would chip off gold to give it to the poors. They can get food and homes for the needy.

One of the essays that did not make the cut had a platform I could really get behind and support, here it is...
If I were President, I would have a sugar beach that rained
candy. My house would be chocolate and the beach would have
two sugar snow hills. I would build a treehouse that's red and black.
It would have a drawbridge door and a fancy bed that's gold.
It would also have a T.V., a gold radio, and a lamp. I would plant ten trees
that grow money. I would give the money to Haiti
to help build homes, buy clothes, and give $200 to everybody.
To be honest, I'm not sure that plan is any less realistic then the current plan in Washington...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Hadyn!

Little Hadyn turned five on Saturday. However, because of scheduling she's had a long weekend of birthday celebrations. Friday she got to take treats into preschool. Saturday, her real birthday, our family went to Chucky Cheese to celebrate (can I just say wow...crowded...chaotic...). Sunday, we invited some good friends over for dinner and a little (a lot) chocolate fondue. Jeff's family was unable to make that fondue party, so we celebrated the extended family party with more chocolate fondue tonight. I think she is actually birthday'ed out.
Just to recap her past year for the sake of history... She has been very busy learning all the things she put her mind to. She has learned to tie her shoes, read level-1 books, help out more around the house, and is still a great sister and friend. She started preschool this year and can hardly wait until she starts Kindergarten in the fall. She loves primary, giggling, and trying to keep up with her big sister.
Happy Birthday Hadyn, we love you!

Hadyn asked for a chocolate fountain in stead of a cake this year, so Jeff and Uncle Dave improvised on the cake so Hadyn could still blow at a candle and get her wish...

Danica Patrick...Eat Your Heart Out...

Okay, so if you knew me in high school, you know I was uber-competitive. I still cringe if I run in to people I competed against back in the day. These days, I've really tempered that compulsion to turn everything into a contest and to win each contest. Every now and then, however, it still seeps out... Case in point, this morning taking Hadyn to preschool.

I usually drop Regan off at the elementary school before dropping Hadyn off at her preschool a few miles away. As I was pulling out of the elementary school, I noticed Gracie's mom in the van in front of me. Gracie goes to preschool with Hadyn, and Gracie's older brother is in 2nd grade with Regan. Using my awesome skills of deduction, I guessed that Gracie was now on her way to preschool, just like us. Fine. Great. I tell Hadyn, "Hey, look! We get to follow Gracie to school today." Everything is great, until we get to the stoplight where I generally turn right. Gracie's mom went straight, choosing a different route. Oh yeah, it was on! I drove as fast as I could semi-legally go, determined to get to preschool first, thus exhibiting my superior navigating and driving skills.
What is wrong with me?

Long story short, Gracie's mom may not know it, but she totally got smoked in the Great Preschool Race this morning. It was a good morning...