Sunday, February 10, 2013

I Can't Wait Until I'm 8!

 Believe it or not, Hadyn has allowed herself to grow another year older this past week.  We'll post some more legit pics once we do the whole cake celebration next Sunday with the Luke Family.  However, her birthday was a huge success.  She refused to tell us what she wanted, saying, "I know you'll know what to get."  Wow.  Talk about pressure!  We apparently did a great job, since she loved the outfit from Regan, and the electric keyboard from her parents.  The biggest gift, however, was getting her ears pierced.  It's the big 8-year old right-of-passage in our home, and she has been soooo excited.  

Not a tear was shed, even after their trick of saying they would count to three and only counting to two before pulling the trigger.  She remembered the same trick from Regan's trip to get her ears pierced two and a half years ago.  Also, like Regan, we did both ears at the same time, which is good, since she may not have stuck around for the 2nd ear otherwise.  She was happy it was done, did not cry a tear, but did think it hurt worse than she expected it to.