Thursday, June 17, 2010

Frozen Grand Central

I rarely have a laugh-out-loud moment when I'm by myself, but this is so cool! You must see this. It is some improve group that creates huge real moments to make people smile. I love this. I especially love the driver of the cart...

You should also check out their "Who ya gonna call" and "Food Court Musical" as well.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Regan's 2nd Grade Rainforest Extravaganza

Regan's entire 2nd grade performed their year-end program last night. It was amazing. Regan's school is an art magnet school, which basically means that they integrate art into all their schoolwork. They have been studying the rainforest, so to close the year out the performed "The Rainforest", a musical. They made their own props, created the backdrop which was so beautiful, practiced their songs, learned parts and choreography, etc. It was performed at the high school's performing arts center. It was truly amazing. Here are a few shots and clips from the night...

In the clips, you'll have to look for Regan. She was a black army ant. One of the clips shows her marching with the rest of her class, army-style. The drill sergeant's voice comes from her teacher, Mr. Broyles, who was on stage in camo. I inherited my mom's ability to cry over anything not warranting emotion, had tears running down my face the entire performance. I am such a baby...
The first clip is just a stage shot. Regan was not actually on stage yet.

Here she is marching. They were told not to smile or look for/wave to their parents. They are fierce army ants and were to behave as such. She is the last in line.

From the closing number.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Am Such a Loser! :)

Yesterday marked the end of the 12-week Biggest Loser competition I joined at my gym. Had I know in advance how hard I would work or how healthy I would be eating, I'm not sure I would have dared sign up, but ignorance is bliss I guess and I signed my life, lungs and abs away in an effort to find the healthier me. Now, 12 weeks later, I am proud of what I have accomplishedMy poor trainer, Brandee, may never recover from the awful things I have been saying about her at home. My girls think she is an agent of torture, and since we see her at church each week, Brandee has to see the looks of terror my girls give her on a regular basis. Anyway, I don't know the results of the competition, but I'm pretty sure I did not win. There were some seriously focused individuals who deserve to win much more than I, but I think I placed in the top five.

Here's a few of my stats:

I lost a total of 25.5 pounds.
I lost almost 4.5 inches off my waist
I lost an inch or more off each arm and each calf
I lost a total of 25.5 inches (measuring everything, I think, except my earlobes)
I got VERY strong. There were even a few times when Brandee and I had to adjust the weight machines heavier AFTER a guy got off.
Anyway, I still have a ways to go, but I thought I'd share...