Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Little Catching Up

So you all missed some fun stuff while I was on blogging hiatus. Here are a few of the highlights in no particular order...actually in whatever order Blogger decided to stick them into this post.
In February, we travelled to Kalispell area in Montana and spent a week with some good friends, the Prestwich's, that Jeff and I have known since the good old days at the U of I (GO VANDALS).
This is us at a huge lake (which I'm too lazy to look up the name of and it's been too long to actually remember) in Glacier National Park. Try to focus more on the beautiful lake and mountains rather than on us. We're cold, windblown, and looking into the sun. It was such a great vacation. We sledded, skied, ate really good and played. The Prestwich's have boys our girls ages roughly, so it was fun for the kids. The last time we went on vacation with these guys they just had Isaac, and I think I was about 20 weeks into my pregnancy with Regan.

Hadyn got to go one a date with her dad to go skiing at Bogus. One day she'll probably be embarrassed that we took our own packets of instant oatmeal and used the water from the coffee makers in the cafe in the ski lodge. At this age she just thinks we're cool for remembering spoons. Ahhhh, to pause time...

For April Fools day we had the first annual mixed up dinner. All the parts of dinner, each food, plate, cup, etc. was written on a slip of paper and each of us had a set of all the slips. Each course you could draw out three items. After each course your placesetting was completely cleared. It led to some interesting combinations. Here's one of my courses. What I wouldn't have given for a drink of anything. Those are some dry foods! Luckily I had my fork...
Unluckily for Hadyn she drew juice but no cup. Dad to the rescue. I think I may adopt this all the time. No more dirty glasses or cups to wash.

Our Easter egg hunt. This was the first year we really hid the eggs. We were smart enough not to use real eggs in case some didn't get found, but not smart enough to just write down where everything was hid. Somewhere there is one plastic egg waiting to be found.

And lastly, the much anticipated Moss Family Reunion was a great success. My brother Dave and his family were visiting from Alaska, so we were excited to get everyone together. It was a one day event, and my other brother, Richard was in charge (translation: My sis-in-law, Jamie did an awesome job). I love the picture of Hadyn and my mom.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why We Love Living in Boise

Wow, I almost feel that I should introduce myself...Instead, I think I'll just pretend that it hasn't be a month and a half since my last post...The Luke clan has been well, although very busy. I aced my first two classes, and am working my way through another while trying to get registered for several more. Regan is loving the new spring weather and doing well in school and ballet. Her recital is next month and she is very excited. She's also participating in her school's mini-marathon, which has her running laps two recesses a week. She past her 10-mile mark, and seems to enjoy running. I know, it's hard to understand. Hadyn is enjoying her gymnastics class and counting down the minutes until she starts preschool in the fall. Jeff hasn't made as many international trips this year, for which we are grateful. He has kept busy with work, his church calling and snowboarding (not necessarily in that order).
So, yesterday was an amazing day, and we were reminded of how great Boise is. We started our day as usual, running Regan to school, etc. After school though, was our first day this year of running through the sprinklers...

Then, we quickly got ready to meet up with Jeff's sister's family, and we headed up to Bogus Basin for some sledding/snowboarding. The ski lifts and everything are closed, but there's still snow, so off we went. It is a long winding road to get up to the hill, but so worth it. The girls sledded a few times on sleds, then a few times on just their backsides, then they just played in ths snow. Jeff snowboarded a little on the sledding hill, then, when we were starting to pack up, he went all the way down the hill and we picked him up at the base of the mountain.

It was so warm we only wore gloves and snowpants to keep dry. I was actually in shorts and didn't even get cold. I love Boise!

Here's Jeff snowboarding. I know I'm biased, but I think he looks pretty good...and he's a good snowboarder :).

And then we finished our day with donuts and this view. Does it get any better? (No.)