Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dancing Queen(s)

Here are a few shots of Regan and Hadyn's ballet recital. The recital for their studio, Treasure Valley Ballet Academy, was last Saturday. There were 30 different groups that performed. Of those, six were chosen to perform again this week in a valley dance showcase, Freeze Frame. Both Regan and Hadyn's groups were chosen, but Hadyn's group got put into the Freeze Frame matinee, while Regan's group were placed into the evening performance. What that translates to is over the past two Saturdays, I shuttled ballerinas to three seperate dress rehearsals and three seperate performances. I am officially balleted-out. On a more positive note however, the girls did great and looked like true ballerinas. I loved their very traditional costumes for this recital. Enjoy the pictures. I'm not going to sort them chronologically...

Dad brought both ballerinas flowers following their performance.

Before the show

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy or Sad?

Today I took our tree down and all the other decorations. They have been carefully stuffed away in boxes and bins for another 11 months or so. I'm really torn as to whether am relieved to finally have everything boxed back up (it is January 9th after all) or so sad that the Christmas season is officially over. I really love Christmas because of the magic that surrounds it. I love the spirit of giving that is evident to me everywhere. I miss that my girls put so much thought into what treat they leave Santa and truly try to be better behaved around this time of year. Regan is seven now. The "magic" won't be here for much longer and I really want to just pause everything for a little while... Speaking of magic, check out this awesome picture my super-cool bro-in-law took of us on Christmas Eve...I love Christmas!