Saturday, May 16, 2009

Year End Shows

It is that time of year when we get to see what our children have learned from a year of schooling and their extracurricular activities. We have had a fun time seeing the girls showing us how they've grown and improved.
Regan just completed her second year with Treasure Valley Ballet Academy. She loves ballet, especially getting ready for the recitals and seeing and wearing the costumes. The year-end recital was The Wizard of Oz, and Regan was one of the Wicked Witche's wolves that were sent (prior to the flying monkeys) to stop Dorothy. She had a lot of fun and looked beautiful. Grandma Moss was able to come up from Utah, which was probably one of Regan's favorite things about the whole event.

Here she is with some of the flowers she was given. The next picture is her in her costume on the way to dress rehearsal. She did change into ballet shoes at the auditorium. The full costume had a fur vest and hat with ears. For some reason I didn't get good pictures of that. I'll try to scan the pictures she had done at the studio and post them soon.

Hadyn has just finished her first year of gymnastics with The Little Gym. She loved it. It was a perfect fit for her personality and her complete lack of fear. This will probably be the end of her career as a gymnast, as she is getting more and more interested in ballet and becoming even more like her idolized big sister. She is also beginning to control her energy level just a little. Hadyn is looking forward (as in asking each day how many days until...) starting preschool in September. I don't know who is more excited, Hadyn or Hadyn's mom... Here she is doing one of her favorite gymnastics tricks (with the moral support of her friend, Cascade, that take the class with her):