Saturday, August 28, 2010


We were proud to host the most recent Symposium of the World's Greatest Scientists.  In attendance were some of the foremost Geologists, Vulcanologists, Astrophysicists, etc., and they all had a great time doing science experiments, playing Scientist-May-I, eating cake and lava, and celebrating Regan's eighth birthday.

Regan teaching the other scientists about the effects of water, oil, and salt (hint:  think lava lamps...)

The Volcano cake...not my best, but nobody seemed to mind.  The exploding lava was actually sucker syrup that we made, poured, let cool, then stuck into the cake.  

One of the cutest scientists ever, even in I am biased.

Regan getting her lab notebook ready.  No real scientist is ever without a well-decorated lab book...


Garth and Linda said...

What a fun birthday party! Happy 8th Birthday Regan!.

Rebekah said...

FUN! You are a great mom!