Sunday, November 28, 2010

All I Want for Christmas...

In order to show that the Luke family (at least two of them) have already completely accepted the commercial side of this Christmas season, I present to you Regan and Hadyn's Christmas Wish Lists...get comfy...I'll add my own thoughts in parentheses and keep the original spelling, because it's just so cute). 

  1. Ice Cream Maker (we already have 3)
  2. Dipindots
  3. Beard-a-Bear (I think Build-a-Bear, but Beard-a-Bear sounds like an interesting take on it)
  4. Pendo (I have no idea)
  5. Gttre (Got nothin')
  6. Doggy
  7. EZE Bac Micwav (EasyBake Microwave)
  8. Liv Doll
  9. Fla Scen TV (Flat Screen TV...I got my first flat screen TV when I was...)
  10. Gogo (I'm not sure what this is)
  11. IPod in blue
  12. Laptop in pink
  13. ITuch in Green
  14. Kitty that's brown
  15. Nal Polish that's sparkly
  16. DSI
  17. Stilish clothes
  18. A room with food in the room (We never let her leave the kitchen with food.  Apparently she's tired of that).
  19. Dollhouse bed
  20. Trning rack with clothes (turning rack, I guess like in stores)
  21. Dollhouse and dolls with furniture with it

  1. Justice dance shirt and pants (FYI, Regan loves the store Justice, you'll see that as you read along)
  2. Liv doll
  3. Flip Flop slippers, pink, Justice
  4. Justice sequin jeans
  5. Jo-Ann kids sewing machine (my mom would be proud)
  6. Dip'n Dots maker
  7. I-Pod or I-Phone (what!)
  8. Justice sandstone skinny cords (skinny underlined)
  9. Puppy! (exclamation point included...both girls asked for this, and both girls literally climb up my body if they even see a real dog)
  10. Clay Pepperoni (I'm not sure what this is)
  11. Barbie video girl
  12. Scrabble Flash
  13. Spy video tracker
  14. Paper jams (?)
  15. Easy bake cookie maker
  16. Pendo Penguin - Pink (this must be what #4 on Hadyn's list is)
  17. Membership in Poptropica (Kids web-game)
  18. Laptop !! (Again, she added the exclamation marks)
  19. SpyNet night vision
  20. SpyNet spy watch
  21. Cute snowboots
  22. Air Hogs Vectron Wave
  23. Cell Phone
  24. My own bedroom (Dream on sister)
  25. Skateboard
  26. Magic Fabric
  27. Snowboard
  28. Build-a-Bear
  29. Light brwon boots
  30. Earrings
  31. My own flat screen TV
  32. EasyBake microwave
  33. GoGo Walking toy puppy (This was on Hadyn's list too, I'm sensing some collaboration on these lists)
  34. Justice on the Go Sugar Sweet Set
  35. Justice Blue Skinny Cords (Can you tell we just got a Justice catalog in the mail?)
  36. Laptop mouse
  37. $10,000,000 (I'll get right on that)
  38. Laptop in black and white
  39. Cream snow vest
  40. Kit Kat (now we're hitting closer to my budget)
  41. Tic-tacs (again, I'm willing to consider this one)
  42. DS
  43. DSI
  44. Wii
  45. Candy maker
  46. Legos
  47. Sleeping bag
  48. Make-up set (WHAT?!!)
  49. A pink throne (why not)
  50. Dollhouse
I'm out of breath, and ran out of pretend money hours ago.  Luckily, they know these lists are just for fun, and they really aren't expecting really any of this.  I love Christmas dreaming :).  I remember going through the big Sears book every year and choosing something off each page with Rich and Kathi.  So fun...


Joddi said...

Oh my! I laughed so hard! Love these lists! Your girls are adorable!

David said...

Hilarious! I love Hadyn #18. And Regan #49.

BTW, I think Hadyn #5 is "guitar". Cool.

Andrew, Collette, Douglas, and Clarie said...

Too fun! I want some of Regan's #37, if she is willing to share. And let me know where to find a pink throne, I'm sure Collette wants one of those for Christmas too!

Jonathan & Heather said...

I was going to guess "guitar" as well. They have really long lists. Hopefully you've already started. Shawn told me that he wants a Dodo Pet (Pillow Pet) and a cheddar cheese sandwich.

Rebekah said...

I'd like #37, too. I'd settle for 10% of that...

Maria said...

Whats with the WHAT!! on #7 which was I-pod or I-phone!!!! FYI a Paper jams is a guitar with no stings!!

Posted by Regan

Teri said...

Hahahaha! Oh my heck Maria...I am so glad this was the first thing I read this morning. SO FUNNY! You better get shopping! :)

The Mills said...

oh my gosh I can't stop laughing that is hilarious! ha ha

The Mills said...

I am sorry you lost your blog stuff! Ours is

Deb said...

i want a comment on the "air hogs vectron wave." i have no idea what that is. or justice. or a liv doll. can i be a good mother to a girl?? :)

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