Sunday, January 9, 2011

What We Did Over Christmas Vacation, by the Luke's

Oh December, we will miss you and all the magic you fill our home with.  The girls had the long school break, of course, and Jeff was able to take most of the month off which was so fun.  We got to go to the Middleton Christmas Celebration (yes, they said Christmas...I love living in a small town!!) where we watched a parade, ate cookies, drank cocoa, took part in the tree lighting, and, of course, visited with Santa.  

The girls made many a gingerbread or graham cracker house between church and school.  Here are their creations from Regan's Achievement Day activity.  It's a group in our church for girls 8-11.  Hadyn doesn't qualify, but when her mom is one of the leaders she gets to participate.  

We made our lanterns for Santa.  We have made these each Christmas Eve since Regan was born.  It's just four gingerbread walls held together with royal icing.  Each of us creates one of the walls and we use hard candies to make the stain-glass windows.  Our lantern gets lit right before the girls go to bed on Christmas Eve, and helps Santa find our house.  It works.  He's never missed us yet.

Hadyn has become family scribe.  She loves to write reminder notes, cards, lists, etc.  I'm sure I've picked up 100's of her memos over the past month, and I'm sure I've been irritated at the volume of paper she leaves all over the house, but then sometimes, like yesterday, when I had mountains of things to accomplish and only a molehill of time to do it in, I find this propped up on my kitchen counter, and all the clutter is forgotten:

Man, I love that girl...maybe she could give some love note tips/reminders to her father... :)


Joddi said...

I love the note from Hadyn! I love the lantern idea too! They look awesome!

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