Sunday, September 7, 2008

The New 'Do

How could I pass up the opportunity to post a picture of myself? Yeah right, I tend to shy away from that, but I had to document this moment. For the first time in decades, I (1) have bangs, and (2) cannot tuck my hair behind my hair. It is that short! I love it, and I think it kind of says, "I'm trying to stay hip", rather than, "I'm the mom of two kids, deal with it." I could be wrong, but if so, don't tell me. Let me stay in my little world I've created for myself :).

In other news, we were able to find some awesome renters for our house in Arizona, and I'm headed down there this week to get things ready for them to move in. I can't wait to see all my friends for our old ward! My sister's also going to be there for an education conference, and we're sharing a hotel room (what I mean by that is she has a hotel room, and I'm mooching off her for a free place to sleep, thanks Robin!!) We haven't see each other for several months, so we should have fun.
And last but certainly not least, a photo of my favorite person, Jeff. He took off this weekend for a solo backpacking trip and had a fun time. Here is a self-portrait taken somewhere along the trail. I thought it looked cool and he looked oh-so-good-looking. Enjoy!


Rebekah said...

I'll tell you what Jon always tells me, "It will grow." :) You know I LOVE IT! It's so cute!

Deb said...

cute hair, maria! but didn't you just get a new hairstyle in july....? :)

Anonymous said...

Cute hair, it makes you look sophisticated! It's always fun to do something new with your hair.