Friday, September 19, 2008

St. Luke's Womens' Fitness Celebration

Some friends and I did something really cool today. We participated in the Women's Fitness Celebration! This has been going on in Boise since 1993 and it is the largest race of its kind in the United States. It was my second year doing it, and it was a lot of fun, again. I could have done without the downpour that lasted the entire time we were outside, but I was proud to take part in such a cool event. Last year there were over 12,000 women walking or running the 5k course. There probably weren't that many this year, due to the rain. Here are some pics of the day!
Waiting for the starting gun.

Almost to the finish line. This shot is just to give you an idea of how many women participated.

After you finish, and have burned all those calories, you walk through the park and are handed so much food. Chocolate milk, bagels, apples, etc. We stopped at the Subway tent where they were handing out cookies, and look who was there handing us our treats! Thanks Jared, those cookies were just the thing we needed to kick start our weight-loss efforts :).

There were six of us who started the race together, but the rain was motivation for three of them to actually run. I, however, stuck by my guns. It takes more than a simple downpour to make me run. Here are the three of us walkers after our finish. Notice that one of us looks considerably drier...hmmm....Not to name any names (Heather), but Andrea and I really appreciate how selflessly you shared the umbrella. Don't worry about the pneumonia we caught, we'll be fine...

Here we are, six tough chicks willing to brave the elements to help woman-kind. You are all welcome. (Again, notice how pretty Heather looks, and how wet the rest of us look...)

And finally, to fully illustrate how much I was willing to sacrifice for a good cause, I present to you my shoe. Yes, that is a bloodstain from my walk. Wet shoes, wet skin, wet ankle socks and are not the best combination.


Jonathan & Heather said...

In my defense, I offered my unmbrella to others and nobody accepted. Also, I only used my umbrella for half the race so I was just as wet as the rest of the girls. I can't be blamed for being naturally the most beautiful girl. (I'm being sarcastic for those that don't know me)
Props to Maria for finishing the race with such a foot situation and not even complaining about it.

The Prestwich's said...

I am totally impressed, Maria. I can hardly run up my stairs at home without losing my breath. The blood- downright awesome.

Pete and Court said...

You're such a woman! I went running in Park City last week and when it started to rain I waited inside a 7-11 and called for someone to come get me. Does that make me a total wuss or what?

Rebekah said...

I'm so glad you went!

Deb said...

wow! you met jared! and that is one amazing shoe. way to go, maria!