Saturday, January 26, 2008

When I Grow Up

Today was Regan's ballet recital for which she has been preparing since August. It was so fun to see her up on the stage under the lights. She was really nervous during the day and even last night, but once she found out she could wear a little of mom's make-up she quickly got over her stage fright. The theme of the recital was "When I Grow Up", and it had 25 or so groups dance as different things that they had wanted to be. Regan's class danced as moms. They had beautiful mom outfits complete with starched tutu and pink tights. Something, I am sure, all of us moms can relate to wearing.... :) They also got to dance with ,and keep, a little doll dressed in the same outfit. Here is a picture from this morning's dress rehearsal. I'll post pictures from the actual recital later. I'm way too tired to deal with downloading them right now. For now, trust my unbiased opinion that she was the most beautiful, brave and graceful ballerina in the show.

Here is a picture we took as we were about to walk out the door. Ignore the boots, it's Idaho, it's freezing, and the girl's in tights. We did change into actual ballet slippers for the show, but, watching this video, we didn't need to. That's some serious talent to be able to do that in pink pack boots!


Annie said...

Your little Regan is precious and yes, such a pretty little girl! It is so fun to read your blog and see how your family is doing. Take care.

Deb said...

that is a CLASSIC video! i can't wait to show calvin! she is adorable!

and hey, i wear tutus every day. she looks just like me, right now. :)