Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Win-Win Situation

Just a quick, funny story about Regan. Every once in a while Jeff and I talk casually about missions with the girls, hoping they get excited about one day going on one themselves. The other day in the car I said, "Where do you guys want to go on your missions?" Usually Regan says Hawaii, because she likes pineapple and leis. This day, she said Texas because "they talk like us" I didn't correct her :). We talked about it for a few minutes while she asked where some of her aunts went for their missions. Then, she asks, "Mom, when I get home from my mission, can I get a cell phone?" I immediately replied, "Absolutely!"

This was win-win-win situation. First, she, for all intents and purposes, agreed to go on a mission. Second, she is now VERY excited to go on that mission. And third, I don't have to get her a cell phone until she turns 22. Awesome.


Deb said...

fantastic! calvin DOESN'T want to go to texas because they have tornadoes there. i'm glad someone in the family is willing. :)

Annie said...

Too funny!

The Farr's said...

That is awesome! Austin wants to serve his mission where it snows! I told him he better be careful what he wishes for! He'll probably end up in Russia!