Friday, April 4, 2008

Daddy-Daughter Ski Trip

Jeff surprised Regan today by coming home at lunch and taking her skiing. She was pretty excited to have some one-on-one time on the slopes with her dad. This time we actually got some film of her skiing. She has so much natural talent, it is fun to watch her. Ski runs are graded green, blue and black, being easiest (green) to hardest (black). Up until today she stuck to green runs, but the run she usually does ends in a pretty steep run that is probably not green. Anyway, today she went up the high-speed lift and skied Alpine, a blue run. Jeff said she did awesome. She was a little nervous at first, looking down, because it was so steep, but then she remembered her turns and just went. So cool. At one point there was a couple stopped on the hill. The guy was trying to reassure the girl that it wasn't too steep, and was trying to show her how to make the turns to make it easier. Just then, little Regan went zipping by doing an effortless turn or two right in front of them. Nice...that's my girl...okay, her being my girl has nothing to do with it. If she got any of her talent from me, she'd still be on the bunny hill.


Wolfingtons said...

What a natural. Logan couldn't believe she was able to do that. We miss you guys!

mauigirls said...

Regan, we can't believe what a great skier you are! Jenna, Allison and Erin watched really close to see how you moved your skies to turn. We have got to go skiing together! We wish we lived closer to you and your family. You are an awesome skier!

Deb said...

that's amazing! what a fun day for regan and jeff both.