Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Go Steelheads!

We were given some tickets to last night's Idaho Steelhead's hockey game, so we thought we'd introduce the girls to the world of skating, hockey pucks and gratuitous fist fights. Actually, I forgot how much I love watching hockey. Many may not know that Jeff's and my first official date was to a hockey game in Spokane. Ahhh, it really warms the heart, doesn't it.
Anyway, this was our first hockey game in...possibly a decade, and our first time in Qwest Arena. We were surprised by how small it was. It was awesome. There weren't any bad seats, and ours were better than most. The girls really seemed to love it. Regan even cheered enough to have a t-shirt tossed to her between 1st and 2nd periods. Strangely enough, they didn't get the same satisfaction as their parents the first time gloves were thrown off, shirts were bravely pulled over the opponents head and fists started flying. I will admit that that is one of my favorite parts. The first time it happened Regan and Hadyn just sort of stared and then asked a serious of very logical questions (rudely interrupting my cheering to let the fight continue) such as "Why is our guy trying to pull the other guy's shirt off?" and "Why are they acting like little kids?" Don't worry, by the end of the game they were cheering right along with the rest the aggressively repressed crowd. That's my girls.
Here are a few shots of them enjoying the evening. Sorry about the picture of Regan. She was sitting right next to me, so it is blurry. As I said, they really did enjoy the game, and really got into cheering for the Steelheads. The only two sad points of the night:
1. We lost, but we put up a good fight. Watch out next time Fresno Falcons!
2. We never got on the big screen. Regan really wanted, not so much...


The Farr's said...

This will warm Travis' heart. He has an unnatural love for hockey and all the missing teeth that go with it!!

Wolfingtons said...

You better watch out, they'll want to start playing hockey and the dental work will break you.