Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ski Day!

Well, it actually happened. After avoiding skis for 32 years of my life, I bit the bullet and embraced Idaho's snowy glory. Actually, I was snowboarding, so technically, I am still avoiding skis. Jeff and I were in snowboard lessons in the morning, while Regan and Hadyn had ski lessons. We were able to pick them up for lunch, then Regan had another couple of hours with the instructor while Jeff and I worked with Hadyn on our own. The girls were in separate groups, because of their age. We saw some crying from them both, but overall they did great. It was shocking how fast Regan picked it up. Bogus Basin has a "magic carpet" that is like a moving sidewalk in an airport, but on snow. After some initial training down on some very small hills, they moved Regan's class up to the Magic Carpet. She did great, and was able to slow and stop most of the time. There were some falls, but nothing too bad. Hadyn was the youngest in her class, and was a little scared. But once she worked with Jeff and I after lunch, she was fearless, to a fault. Her center of gravity is so low, that there was no tendancy to fall. It was so funny. You'd point her downhill, and she'd just go, getting faster and faster, with Jeff or I running alongside. She would just laugh. As long as she didn't have to slow down or stop, she did great.

We didn't get any pictures or video of Regan, since she was on the magic carpet the whole day, and seemed to do better when we weren't there. We'll do better next Saturday. Here is a picture of Hadyn and I. It will come in handy if I ever decide to run for office. Don't I look hopeful, charismatic, and politician-like? Doesn't Hadyn look, well, warm? Look how tiny those skis are!


Deb said...

wow! look at all that snow! i loved the video. but are you sure that's hadyn? it's a little hard to tell.... at least she's warm.

Wolfingtons said...

I'm impressed. What fun!