Monday, February 25, 2008

Congratulations to the Woman of the Year!

My parents live in Tremonton, Utah, and a week or so ago, my mom was honored in her women's service group as the Woman of the Year. It was such a cool honor and so deserved. I couldn't be there, but I wanted her to know how proud all of us are of her. She is one tough chick, and spends her days doing things for my dad, her kids, her friends, and her church. We love her and are proud others recognize how amazing she is. My brothers and sisters have always known it. Congratulations Mom!
This is the display table of a few of
the amazing things my mom can do.
And the winner is...
Dad and his Woman (of the Year)


Annie said...

Maria, your parents look great! I was just thinking about them the other day. Do you know that I still have the washer and dryer they gave me almost 8 years ago? Way to go to your mom. Tell them "hi" from me.

Rebekah said...

I need to send your mom a card! This is so AWESOME for her.