Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy 30-Something Jeff!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband. He is the world's greatest husband, dad, friend, mechanic, spider killer, lawn mower, and make-me-laugher (yes, that is a word/title). Regan, Hadyn and I know how lucky we are to be able to drive him crazy on a daily basis. He's a true man's man in a world of women, and we are so glad to call him Dad/Sweetheart.
Stealing the idea from my friend Beth, here are 38 things I love about Jeff...

1. He is a great dad.
2. He plays along with the girls when they want him to take his turn being a ballerina.
3. He can fix anything.

4. He always thinks about others.

5. He is kind.

6. He is generous.

7. He works harder than anyone I know.

8. He showed great patience with me in our snowboard lessons.

9. He talks to my girls like they are his equal.

10. He tells me I'm pretty.

11. He talks to me about his day.

12. When I have that blank look of not understanding what goes on in his busy day, he explains them in terms I understand.

13. He truly values my opinion.

14. He is so good looking!

15. He values time with his family above all else.

16. He honors his commitments to the church.

17. He loves his parents and seeks opportunities to spend time with his brothers & sisters.

18. He enjoys spending time with my parents (it helps that my mom rolls out the red carpet for him every time we come, always making HIS favorite foods...what about me!?)

19. When he has the choice to eat my food or go out to eat, he prefers my cooking.

20. He likes the same TV shows I do.

21. When I cry, he doesn't panic, or at least he hides it well.

22. He likes to go on walks.

23. He likes to go for drives.

24. When I put the girls to bed, he always comes up to hear their prayers.

25. He likes to read to the girls.

26. He teaches Regan & Hadyn how to be good and kind.

27. He's not a romantic, but when he puts his mind to it, he nails it, like when he burned me a cd containing only songs about Maria.

28. He makes me so happy.

29. He writes the best letters. It doesn't seem to translate well to email, but when we were dating, and living in different parts of the state, he wrote some awesome letters. I still have them and read them every now and then. Ahhhh, how sweet is he?!

30. He loves chocolate (it always helps to have common interests...)

31. He puts up with the Indigo Girls and Dar Williams on long road trips.

32. He makes up silly songs for the girls.

33. He likes to do cool things in his free time, like mountain biking, backpacking, snowshoeing, camping, etc.

34. He still thinks he was cool in high school (just typing that makes me smile).

35. He loves to play in the snow, and grins like a child everytime it snows...he even likes to shovel the walk and our ridiculously long driveway.

36. He has been able to make me smile and laugh since we first met.

37. I can, and do, trust him completely.

38. He makes me want to be a better person.

Happy birthday babe!


Annie said...

Happy Birthday Jeff from the Hamblins! It would be so fun to see you guys sometime. Have a great day!

Deb said...

he is cute, isn't he? :) and i think the next video clip you post should be jeff as a ballerina. i'd LOVE to see that! i might pay to see that....

happy birthday, jeff!