Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Quick Hello

Well, there's just not a lot going on in our neck of the woods beyond the basic kindergarten, ballet, callings, work, etc. I needed to update everyone on the Luke Family Skiing Adverture-ama. Of course we didn't take the camera last Saturday, so, of course, I actually started to look like I was actually snowboarding. No, there is no proof, but it happened. I rode the lift, fell getting off the lift (as if there was any other way), but then it went well. I made it down the hill, and was very proud of myself. I immediately started looking around for Regan, wanting to show her I was as good as her. I saw Troy, her instructor, and he says, "Regan just came down the back cut!" Translation: "Don't get too proud of yourself, your 5-year old daughter just came down the side cut of the mountain that is considerably steeper and more difficult ." So, I am proud of myself, but have given up trying to reach the levels of skill the three other Luke's seem to attain without even trying. It is fun, and I am excited for the lessons to finish on Saturday so we can get our season passes and just have some fun family time.

Regan not only picked up some mad skiing skills, she also absorbed some career guidance. Yesterday as we happened to be driving past HP, Regan said that since one of Jeff's co-workers was moving to China, she'd like to work at HP doing his job, so she could work with her Dad as an engineer. She thinks she'd like to do that until she grows up, at which time she'll get a real job, as a ski instructor. Cool.

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Deb said...

fantastic! another generation of engineers in the luke family. :)

and congrats on your new-found skiing skills!