Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kindergarten End-of-Year Program

Regan's last day of school is Friday, and her kindergarten doesn't have a graduation, but yesterday, they put on a showcase for the parents. It was so fun to watch. These are all the AM kindergarteners (3 classes). The kids seem so much older than they did when the year started. I'm not sure I'm ready for First Grade. Not seeing Regan all day is going to be weird. I know Hadyn's not ready...
Here's Regan waiting in line for one of her speaking parts. They asked her what she would do if she were a kindergarten teacher. She said she would take the kids to art class. (I thought she said Iceland, which would also be cool).

Another speaking part. Look how much smaller she is than the other kids. Her birthday is the actual cutoff for her class. She is a petite kid anyway, but some of these kids are a full year older (or more for some of the boys).
The greatest teacher in the world. We were asked to fill out a questionnaire for next year's teacher assignments, telling them what kind of teacher would be best for Regan (you couldn't specifically ask for a teacher by name). We would really just like to see Mrs. Emery graduate to First Grade with Regan... Doesn't she look like a cool teacher? She is. Thanks Mrs. Emery. We'll miss you!

Here is part of their grand finale song. It totally made me cry. What is wrong with me? (Don't forget to pause me music first).


The Farr's said...

Oh my heck! That song was so cute!! I totally cried at Austin's thing too. How sad are we??

Wolfingtons said...

She's a star!

Deb said...

congrats, regan! she does look so grown up. i got teary at c's program too, if you can believe it. from the moment you first hold that little baby, your tear ducts are loosened. :)