Sunday, June 1, 2008

What a Great Weekend

This has been the greatest weekend. Friday night, Jeff and I dropped the kids off at our friends (Thanks Crystal) and loaded up our bikes in the truck. We drove down by the greenbelt and spent the next hour and a half riding along the Boise River and in the Boise North End streets. The weather could not have been better for a bike ride. It was so fun! The biking, the weather, the surroundings, and having one-on-one time with Jeff was awesome. We even capped the night off with a little Maggie Moo ice cream. Perfect.
Then, Saturday at our house is Family Fun Day. We have a brown lunch bag full of family activities from which we draw, and have a great time together. Yesterday we drove up to Bogus Basin to go treasure hunting. Regan and Jeff (and when it's not too scary, Hadyn) have bonded lately over Indiana Jones. So, we went in search of our own treasure at the newly uncovered ski hills of Bogus Basin. Jeff and I hoped to find "real" treasure such as dropped sunglasses, money, property deeds, etc. from under the ski lifts. We found slightly different treasure, but the girls were in heaven. They kept saying how this was the funnest family fun day ever. It truly was great, even if we weren't any richer monetarily when we left...probably poorer, thanks to gas being somewhere around $12/gallon...
We hiked almost all the way up the face of one hill. If you know Bogus, we hiked under the 4-man lift, and almost got to the end of the lift. Jeff and I were amazed at how well Regan and Hadyn handled the hike. It was very steep in places, but they were real troopers the whole time, thanks, in part, to all their treasure. Again, just a great day, great weather, great family, great time.

Here's Hadyn and Jeff on the lift (it was off of course). You can see Regan on the seat behind them. I love the look on Hadyn's face. Do you think she was getting tired of the camera?

Hadyn again, giving the classic Luke camera pose. The bandage is from a scratch she got the day before in a fight between her and a tree branch. The branch won...

Regan and Jeff about half way up the hill.

Our little hikers...

The loot: Several rocks, a bolt, a broken snap, a shiny lid from a lotion bottle, a blue plastic circle, a dried up pen, a toggle from a jacket, half of an orange sunglass lens, part of a buckle and a piece of glass. The only treasure no longer there is a Captain Morgan liquor bottle. It was one of those small ones, maybe from a minibar or something. We let them bring it down, but it smelled so bad when I opened the bottle to rinse it out, I tossed it... The girls really, truly love their treasures. I love that this is what can make them happy. I know it won't last, they'll grow up and demand treasures of IPods and cell phones, but for one weekend at least, they were so happy to find this stuff.



Rebekah said...

You are such a good mom! Family Fun Day!! I'm starting it! On our Saturdays, Jon and I look at each other and say, "What do you want to do?" "I don't know. What do you want to do?"

Deb said...

that is AWESOME! what a great idea! you just have a bag full of ideas? where did you get the ideas??

and i notice on the map that your "location" puts idaho in the middle of the u.s. ummm... can even the map confuse idaho with iowa? :)