Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On the Road Again...or Island, I guess...

Jeff is travling for a week or two right now. He's even going to miss Fathers' Day. So sad. The girls miss him a ton, as do I. We did a mini Fathers' Day celebration before he left, so he could take one of his presents with him. We got him a Gorilla-pod (shown here). It is the coolest tripod. It can wrap around anything and hold your camera steady, so you can get a lot of cool photos with you actually in it, versus just scenery shots, etc.

Yesterday he sent us a few pictures of where he is right now. He's working with Canon, in Japan this week, and most of next week he'll be in Shangai at the HP site.

I wonder if it is a good idea to work for HP, visit Canon, and wear your Intel polo shirt...confusing... I think this is from his hotel room. Look at all those trees behind him. Cool.

The hotel he always stays at in Japan is in the middle of some big forest and blueberry plantation.

They were ahead of schedule, so he got half a day off. He borrowed a bike from the hotel and went exploring. That is a sweet bike. I want a basket like that on my bike...seriously, I really do, that would be awesome!

Cool butterfly.


Annie said...

I love the tripod! So cool. Hope Jeff has a great time on his work trip.

The Farr's said...

So sad that he has to miss Father's day. But very cool present!

Deb said...

ok, i'm way behind on my blog reading, so it may not be new but i love the "new" look! very cute! you have definitely surpassed me technologically. :)

and what a great gift! that is a very cool tripod. if we were 20 years younger, i would make so much fun of jeff on that bike. but now i'm much too mature for that. :)

khepworth said...

Holy Maria Luke! I was surprised to see your comment on my stamping blog. Glad you stopped by.

I see you have moved out of the firey furnace of AZ and into the freezing cold land of ID. Looks like you guys are doing well. Your girls are adorable. It was fun to read through your blog and catch up on you guys.