Saturday, June 14, 2008

On to Shanghai

Jeff left Tokyo yesterday, and flew straight to Shanghai. He'll be there until next week. He was excited to get to spend the weekend in Shanghai since a friend, Brandon, that worked with him here in Boise has since relocated to Shanghai. Brandon and his wife will be spending the weekend showing Jeff the coolest spots and best food. It's always nice to have a local tour guide. Jeff said that it reminds him of a much bigger Penang, where he and I lived in 2001, but not as much pirated software, and the knock-offs aren't quite as cheap.

Jeff in front of some awesome buildings. I love the boat in the background.

A picture from one of the wet markets. This does remind me of Penang. Hopefully you can click on this picture and make it bigger. (Sometimes it will let you get a bigger view, sometimes not...any of you bloggers know why that is and how I can control it? I would love help with that...) If you're stuck with the smaller view, at the bottom of the picture, that green thing that Regan says looks like a green toilet seat, that is, of course, a bag of green frogs. Yummm...

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