Friday, July 25, 2008

Have Bike will Travel

I've commented some on my new-found hobby of bicycling. We bought a bike trailer a couple of months ago, so I could ride and take the girls with me on errands, etc. Well, I quickly realized how much I enjoy riding my bike. Soon after the arrival of the bike trailer, and the realization that the purchase wasn't doomed to just sit in the garage (shockingly), Jeff found me a really cool bike computer. It is so awesome. It tracks everything about my current ride, how fast, my average speed, how long I've been riding, etc, and also tracks the total miles I've ridden (like a car odometer). It's great to ride with, it sort of motivates me to keep my speed up, or to ride just a little longer... Well, I've had my bike computer since June 1st, just under 2 months, and I am so excited to announce that I passed 100 total miles last night. It may not seem like very far, but I was excited. That's 100 miles of going to and fro that I did not have to buy gas for. I am 100 miles further away from my next scheduled oil change. Most importantly, I am 100 miles more in shape, especially considering that most of those miles were logged while towing a trailer a 3 and 6-year old inside. I'm going to start tracking my mileage on my blog each week, maybe it will be even more motivation to ride more, drive less. I just thought I'd share.

My computer... the top line is my current speed (yes, I decided to stop before snapping the picture...I'm not that good...yet). The 2nd line is the how long the current ride (last night's) was, 1 hour, 13+ minutes (Jeff and I and the girls rode around some greenbelt trails along the Boise River that we hadn't ridden on before). The 3rd line is the current ride distance, 10.16 miles. The 4th line is my odometer, 108.4 total miles ridden since June 1st.
It's date night again tonight, and Jeff and I are going to try the same trail we tried last weekend, to see if we (mostly me) can do better. It should be fun. Wish me luck!


The Farr's said...

You go girl! What a fun day night idea!

Karla said...

Hey Maria!
Look...I'm commenting on your blog! You go, you rockin' biker chik. Maybe someday I could dust off my old mountain bike and you could introduce me to some fun trails...sans bike trailer cause that sounds dangerous. :D


Pete and Court said...

Oh Maria, you are just too funny. I think I forgot what a witty little gal you are. Tell Jeff that I went to the BYU women clinic last night and GO COUGS! I so wish we were playing Boise this year it would make up for the awful loss a couple years ago.