Friday, July 18, 2008

Zoo Boise

Most days I feel like a zookeeper, so what could be more appropriate than spending the day at one? We had a great day with lots of cousins, lots of sunshine and a few animals that didn't mind the mid-day Boise heat.

All the kids, all ready to go. Cathy was wise enough to suggest a picture before we got started, and before any of these angelic faces became less so during the day. How fun to have so many cousins so close in age. Meet, from left to right, Natalie, Calvin, Jared, Samuel, Ian, Caleb & Levi (twins, and I can never figure out who is who), Hadyn and Regan.
Regan loved the statues of animals which the kids were aloud to climb all over.

The zoo has a playground area that was a hit with everyone. Here are Regan and Hadyn digging for fossils, and Hadyn zipping down the giant giraffe slide.

Just a couple of prairie dogs? This is from the prairie dog tunnels. The place in which they are standing is topped with a huge bubble dome. It allows them to see down into the actual praire dog area, and for those of us looking from the front, we see two cute, red-headed prairie dogs poking their heads out of the ground...


The Farr's said...

I love the first picture of all the kids! So cute!! And Haydn is getting so big!!

Candee and Weston said...

Wow! There are lots of cousins on the Luke side! How fun for them. Looks like fun!

Deb said...

that was super fun. until the meltdowns among my section of the children.... :)