Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sweet Land of Liberty

We had an awesome 4th of July here in Boise. We had a great family BBQ at Jeff's parents' home including ice cream with red, white and blue toppings. Yummm. Then, keeping with the tradition that we started last year, our family climbed up into the foothills to the north of Boise to watch all the fireworks from around the valley. It is the coolest fireworks show anywhere. It puts us up high enough to see all the Boise city fireworks, plus all the surrounding areas, and all the illegals (and there were a lot this year) being shot off. There is never a break in the show, since you can see so far. We even make a game to see who sees one first. It's especially good for Regan, since she isn't a fan of the loud booms and whistles. We are close enough to hear the slightly muted explosions, but far enough that you can still talk over them. The best part is that there is no fight for a good spot, parking or traffic to get there. We shared "our mountain" with maybe 10 other people, and most of those we didn't actually see until we were hiking back down to the truck. It was so great, and we were excited that Jeff's brother Matt came with us. Happy Fourth of July everyone!
Here is a picture Jeff took from our seats. I think it is so pretty. He takes really cool panoramics. One of these days I'll just post a bunch of them. Click on it so you can look closer at it. Jeff doesn't think it turned out well, but I do, and since I do the blog... He takes a bunch of individual pictures, then uses software to "stitch" them all together. Anyway, this was our view, before the fireworks really got started.

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