Monday, July 21, 2008

S'mores Anyone?

I am off to girls' camp in a week or so, and, as a leader have been given assignments. One of those assignments is to certify the girls on fire-building. It has worked out great, since, as I practice in our backyard firepit, we generally roast hot dogs and, most importantly, marshmallows. I can't think of too many things that taste better than a gooey s'more. The girls love them (Regan skips the chocolate...I'm still trying to understand her dislike of the tastiest substance on earth).

Jeff and I also got to go on a date this weekend. I've been wanting to learn how to mountain bike, but have been nervous to try. Jeff goes fairly often to the Boise foothills, and last week, he found a trail he thought would be good for me to start out with. It was really fun. I was surprised at what I was able to do, and hopeful that if I keep going, I'll improve. Jeff is an awesome teacher, and helps me with technique, gears, etc. It was really fun. I will admit that going back down the mountain after the big climb was so fun. It was so fast! It almost makes we want to climb higher next time, just to have a longer ride down...
After we left the foothills, we rode into downtown Boise for the annual Twilight Criterium. It draws professional and amateur bikers from all over the country. It is a speed race, and held basically around a city block. They go around and around for an hour or something. They actually create a breeze as they pass. There's a good chance for wrecks, and since there are so many bikers, if there is a wreck, it is usually big. We got there in time to watch some of the pro mens' race. It was so fast! To put it in perspective, as I was coasting down the foothills, thinking I was going so fast, my bike computer said I reached a top speed of just over 24 miles an hour. When I am riding around town with the girls in the bike trailer behind me, I try to keep my speed over ten miles an hour. The bikers at the criterium, on a level road, were going 33. Wow.

That blur behind Jeff is way too many bikes, way too close to one another, going way too fast... Or maybe that's just my mom-ness coming out...seriously. That's crazy.

Your's truly.

And just to give you an idea of the's a small clip of the action.

Is it just me, or was that last "biker" cheating...


Wolfingtons said...

Pretty soon we'll see you and Jeff on some sports channel winning some kind of mountain biking competition.

EmHy said...

What a cute picture of a chocolatey face! I love messy kids pictures. Fun date idea, too bad we don't have pro races around here. I agree they are way to close together. CRAZY!

Deb said...

you are a woman, maria. seriously. mountain biking, hauling those kids around in the trailer.... you're my hero.

and thanks for inviting us over to share in your fire-building practice! :)