Friday, May 2, 2008

Don't Be Silly!

Tonight was Pioneer Elementary's Read Night and Art Showcase. It was really fun. Pioneer is an Arts Magnet school, so they do a lot of art projects in class, as well as a weekly Art class where they explore different artist techniques, etc. All the teachers had every inch of the hallways covered in the students' artwork. Regan was excited to show us her water colors, pointillism project, etc. Then, for Read Night, there was a book fair, a used book sale, and a table set up to sell Judy Cox books. She is an author from Ontario, Oregon that writes the Mrs. Millie books, among others. Ever since we started going to the city library, we have loved the Mrs. Millie books. I never even looked at the author information, and had no idea she was (relatively) local. Regan and Hadyn were so excited to meet the actual person who wrote their favorite book, "Don't Be Silly, Mrs. Millie". She was reading a couple of her beginning reader books, and signing books. Here are the girls with Judy Cox:

She was really sweet. Regan was excited to learn that on top of being an author, she is a kindergarten teacher. Very cool. If any of you want a good book to read to kids that will have them laughing, check out her books!

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