Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ladies of the Jury

Wow, I think I almost need to introduce myself... sorry I haven't updated in so long, but here you go.

Last week Regan and I were both ladies of the jury. Me, for real, at the Ada County courthouse where I was called up for jury duty. I, of course, got put on the jury. I've had jury duty 3 times in my life. Twice I was on a jury, and once I was on bed rest and was excused. Anyway, it was interesting, and short, both of which I was glad of. We finished it in one day, although we stayed until 8:30 at night to do so.

Regan was also a Lady of the Jury in her ballet recital of "Alice in Wonderland". She made a much cuter juror than I did. She did a great job. I took video, but I can't get Blogger to upload any of it, so you'll just have to imagine it. Here she is with her flowers that Jeff gave her after her performance. She is such a ballerina. She loves ballet. We've tried to get her interested in soccer and t-ball. You'd think she'd be interested, Jeff and I both played sports. But, no. She loves ballet, so, we do ballet. She has one more class this week, then we break until September. Tell me she isn't so cute!

These pictures are from Regan's fieldtrip that I was able to go on. They got to walk down to the local Albertson's store to learn about healthy eating. It was fun. The highlight was definately when they took the lobster out of the tank and let the kids pet That is the back of Regan's head moving in, cautiously for her turn to pet it. Also, a group shot of everyone at the service-deli. FYI, the visors are color coding for the adults. I was in charge of the blue group. We were, by far, the coolest group. (Sorry about the pictures, I think Blogger is acting out against me for staying away for so long...)


The Farr's said...

So great to finally hear from you again! Regan looks adorable in her ballet pictures. That's why I played sports as a kid...I would NEVER look that good! Hope to hear from you more often....

Deb said...

what? ada county didn't give you an outfit like that for your jury duty? cheapskates.

that regan is seriously cute. hey, and i loved ballet growing up and i didn't turn out too girly in the end. it will all work out and in the meantime, those tutus are way cuter than soccer uniforms. :)

Annie said...

Your little Regan is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the tag, I will see if I can fit it in my schedule...ok, I will do it soon. Hope you are all well!