Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Luckiest Mom/Wife Ever

Lately I've been thinking about how lucky I am. I really do live a charmed life. Two great kids that make me smile and laugh. A husband that continues to love me in spite of the craziness that I sometimes create and/or embody. Something about Jeff that I have noticed lately, is how willing he is to give the girls time. Sometimes as he is literally walking out the door to work and they ask him if he'd like to color/build a tower/read a book with them. If I were in that same situation, sadly, I would probably say, "I would love to honey, but can I do it when I get back, I'm just walking out the door." Not Jeff, he always sets his bag down, sits down and gives them a few minutes before he leaves. I know that is something they'll always remember. Their dad ALWAYS has time for them. He is so great. My kids are so great. I must be living someone else's life, someone way more deserving... :)
My girls picked these for me today and said they were for Mothers' Day. Aren't they beautiful! What girl doesn't love to be brought flowers (even if some of them did come from the neighbors' lilac bush...)
Jeff isn't only the greatest dad, but he is the handiest guy I know. My car has been running badly for around 2 years. It chugs. All the time. When we're driving, when we waiting at a light... No one ever seems to know what's wrong with it. Jeff has tried fixing the things other mechanics have suggested, but nothing seems to work. A month or so ago, Jeff stumbled across some website that talked about a problem Mazda's can have with chugging...long story short, Jeff has fixed my car! It took a couple days, A LOT of hard work and late nights, but it works. At one point there was more of my car on the ground in the garage than under the hood. He fixed the problem, and put every nut, hose and wire back in its rightful spot. It runs like a dream. Did I mention how great my husband is?


Jeff & Sonnet Boulton said...

that is pretty amazing for a husband. you are lucky! and it is so nice to hear how grateful you are, it reminds all of us to do the same!

Anonymous said...

I love the flowers. Thank goodness for dandelions...they are the only flower I allow my girls to pick, and they can pick them all they want :)
I'm glad your car works well now, Hurray for Jeff.


Crystal said...


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Rebekah said...

I love your flowers!